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5 Inclusive Playgrounds in North West Thailand

Developed in partnership with Humanity and Inclusion, The Growing Together Project sought to create inclusive public play spaces where children can come together to learn and grow through play. Spanning across refugee camp communities in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Pakistan, the program targeted the youngest children confronting developmental challenges while engaging local child development service providers.

As the Playground Design Consultant, not only did I design five playgrounds in each of the program countries, but I conducted rapid, iterative voting exercises with both children and adults to inform the designs and gather essential input from the camp residents. Children voted for their favorite play activity and an inspirational image, while parents and teachers voted for their favorite public space amenity and for their biggest safety concern for their children


In Thailand, the remote locations of refugee camps along the Myanmar border and extensive operational regulations imposed upon the communities greatly influenced the playground designs. The roads and resulting challenges with regards to material transport meant that all materials had to fit on the bed of a small pickup truck.  Additionally, no concrete was permitted to be poured on the grounds of the camp.  In response, my designs employed the use of automobile and tractor tires. Additionally, no outside labor (meaning skilled contractors) would be permitted into the camps.  My documents of service therefore took on a level of detail to inform community residents to install and erect the playground components themselves.


The Growing Together Project was funded by the IKEA Foundation and completed in July of 2020.

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