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Development on the Perifery:
Primary School in Petit Goave, Haiti

In 2011 I signed on to support a new non-profit working in Petit Goave, Haiti to design and build a school in the mountains just outside of the city. The proposed project was vast: to rebuilt the eight-classroom primary school damaged in the 2010 earthquake, develop a community-scale water distribution system, and improve transportation access to and from the community.  My contribution focused on the design and construction logistics of the school project.

The proposed scheme presents a campus nestled into the steep terrain of the surrounding mountainscape. Using conventional construction methods of reinforced confined masonry, the design also employs retaining walls built from reclaimed automobile tires to reduce the cost and embodied energy of the system.  Water capture systems are also employed to reduce erosion and to provide clean drinking water for the pupils.

The organization is still working to fundraise and coordinate efforts with like-minded non-government organizations.

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