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Public Space in Kibera, Nairobi:
" Site 07"

This project was initiated by the residents of Lindi village in Kibera, Nairobi. Through a lengthy community-driven process, the site for a new public space was identified, designed, and constructed along the Ngong River at the Southern edge of the settlement.


The completed space incorporates resident’s desires for a water and sanitation block, a public laundry washing facility, a performance space, and a foot bridge allowing safe crossing of the river.  Flooding was of seasonal, if not constant concern.  The design therefore employs multi-tiered flood protection to define gathering spaces and access corridors.


Construction required close coordination with the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEMA) and the National Youth Service (NYS), and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC).


This project is part of Kounkuey Design Initiative’s Productive Public Space Project.

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