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From Sky to Earth:
Greywater processing and agriculture in an Earthship

In early 2016 I worked with Earthship Biotecture, a design/build architecture firm developing radically sustainable residential projects. Each design was 100% off the grid, providing renewable energy from the sun, fresh water caught from the sky, and decentralized processing of black water.

I was brought on board to develop graphics for Earthship Academy Textbook, including schematics for high-end residential plans and for smaller, more affordable one-bedroom units.


This sequence of images illustrates the path of greywater through an Earthship from sink and shower drains through interior planters that naturally filter the water.  The system then overflows into a conventional septic system.  In addition to providing nutrients to grow food in the comfort of one’s living room, these planters also act as cisterns for water to flush a home’s toilets.  Employing such a system can drastically reduce the amount of water consumed in the home while supporting additional life. 

As designed, this system can violate some laws governing the processing of waste water.  Local building codes should be reviewed and considered.

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