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70,000 Bottle Caps in Kenya's Maasai Land

In 2011 I was asked by Under The Acacia, a small international NGO, to prepare designs for a solar powered WiFi internet learning center for the community of Loita Hills, a remote region of Kenya's Maasai Land. Upon being told that the community would not be involved with the design or construction of the project, I developed a plan engage local womens’ groups to turn the structure into a celebration of Maasai culture.

After collecting of 70,000 bottle caps from 4 different continents, we got to work designing the school enclosure into piece of Maasai art.  The women in the community organized work groups, planned meeting schedules, developed designs, and ultimately installed the art piece over the course of four days.

A film summarizing the entire design and construction process can be found here.

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